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1 America has been designed as a community based web site, servicing online users and businesses at the local level.  Each city page has been designed as an optimized web browser home page, providing access to 1000's of online resources. We are the fastest growing browser point of entry portal resource of its kind on the internet.

Though it was not our original intent,  1 America has quickly become one of the most often used  job hunting resources on the internet due to our unique city browser home page design. This browser home page design provides quick and immediate access to the resources used most by job hunters.  For example, 1000's of  US local newspapers and classifieds can be easily accessed and viewed, either by visiting the desired city browser page or via our comprehensive State by State Newspaper Media Guide.  Also, our Career Center Section  provides 1 click access to the most popular online job banks and career help resources on the internet.  Our new drop down menu driven Local Employer tool will now provide easy access to top local employer's and recruiter's  employment opportunity pages.  

Does your company participate in or conduct their own JOB FAIRS?

We have also added a local career fair drop down link menu to assist you in any career fair events you have scheduled.  This additional link is FREE to any local employer/recruiter link subscriber. 

The chances are very likely that Your next star recruit already calls one of our city browser home pages their internet home and is now logging on daily to start their next information surfing session.  And if the objective of that next surfing session is to seek out new job opportunities, the  "Local Employer" section of the local browser city  page will provide them one click access to your job opportunity postings.  Again, it is not our intent to be a job bank, but to provide another innovative way to be a valuable and effective 1 click resource to employment opportunities for our rapidly growing community of local city home page users.

IF you have not yet visited one of our local city pages, please CLICK HERE NOW to locate and visit your local city page

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Per Job Post
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60 Days
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*Average rate for standard column print classified. 
This does not reflect special layouts or display ads or other Special Online Banner promotions.

Average Classified AD is 5 lines costing $105.00 / Weekly

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